SocialSend Address Claim Form

This wizard takes you through the process of claiming your SocialSend address in the block explorer database.

Claiming your address means that the name you enter will be shown on the balances page and other people may see which addresses you own.

The process registers one address at a time. Since there is no way to tell from the block chain which addresses are associated with the same wallet, you may need to claim each address in your wallet if you want all of your SEND addresses to be announced to others on the block explorer.

Generating Address / Signature Hash

Please sign this hash using your SEND wallet:


Be careful not to include any trailing or leading spaces as this will cause the verification process to fail.

Additional Information Required:

After creating the signature, enter the signature and the name you want to be displayed on the block explorer in the following form.

Enter Your Signature:  

Enter Your Name:  

Claim Your Address: